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4-Card Oracle Reading (Written)

This is a one question, 4-card reading. You may request a general energy read or ask a question about a specific situation/area in your life. You are welcome to include as much or as little detail regarding your question as you like.

You have the option to choose from the following spreads:

✹General: four cards are pulled and interpreted as energies on their own to deliver a full guided message

✹Month Ahead: card one represents the theme of the month ahead, card two represents the challenges of the month ahead, card three represents opportunities in the month ahead, and card four represents advice going forward. *please indicate in the notes during checkout which month you're requesting*

✹Relationship: card one represents you, card two represents the other person, card three represents the relationship, and card four represents advice going forward

✹4 Elements: card one represents Earth (what should you ground yourself in), card two represents Air (what should you should focus on), card three represents Fire (what action should be taken), and card four represents Water (what emotion should you align to)

✹4 Seasons: card one represents Spring (what is beginning/what seeds are being planted), card two represents Summer (what is supporting you), card three represents Autumn (what is being transformed), and card four represents Winter (what is the outcome)

This reading is emailed in written form (about 4 paragraphs) and includes a photo of the cards pulled.

All card readings have a 24-48hr delivery timeframe, unless stated otherwise.

Please include your question in the notes/instructions section of the checkout process.

All readings are confidential.
All readings are done with the explicit understanding that I am not providing legal, medical, or psychological advice.

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