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Herbal Bath Soaks
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Herbal bath soaks to help you relax and align with each of the planetary energies. Hand mixed with 100% natural ingredients. One 8 oz glass bottle with cork stopper. Free shipping- US SHIPPING ONLY.


Venus Divine Feminine Energy Milk Bath
Organic oatmeal, powdered milk, Pink Himalayan salt, rose petals, calendula, pure vanilla extract

Jupiter Wealth and Abundance Bath
Organic oatmeal, bay leaves, calendula, cinnamon, basil

Pluto’s Transform and Detox Bath
Epsom salt, Bentonite clay, sage, black salt, activated charcoal powder, rosemary, lemon essential oil

Mars Rejuvenation Bath
Epsom salt, basil, orange zest, thyme, eucalyptus oil

Neptune Sleep and Relaxation Bath
Organic oatmeal, powdered milk, chamomile, lavender, sea salt, pure vanilla extract

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