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Solar Return (Year Ahead) Chart (Cancer Only)

This is a Solar Return chart analysis. Similar to a birth chart, your Solar Return chart is specific to the location you’re at when the sun returns to the degree it was at the time of your birth. It indicates themes in your life for that solar year (from one birthday to the next). The reading will cover ALL elements of your Solar Return chart. I will discuss my interpretation of your personal themes including strengths, weaknesses, career, relationships, soul path, karmic past, and much more. I will also discuss any specific situations that you request to be discussed. The reading is about YOU so my goal is to make sure that you get what you feel you need out of it!
You do not need to have advanced knowledge of astrology to get a reading from me! Whatever your level of understanding, I will adapt the reading to fit.

•I must have your correct date, time, and location of birth in order to provide a reading
•Please indicate the year you are requesting the reading for and where you will be/were that year on your birthday.
(Include this in the notes during checkout)

•Please contact me via email or Instagram with any specific questions about the reading prior to purchasing it

•Readings consist of *2 parts.
- the initial audio/PDF reading
- an *optional follow up reading to respond to any questions or feedback
•I use the TROPICAL zodiac and WHOLE SIGN house, not PLACIDUS

•There are NO REFUNDS after the reading has been delivered.
•Readings are delivered to your email address within 7-10 business days unless stated otherwise.

All readings are confidential.
All readings are done with the explicit understanding that I am not providing legal, medical, religious, or psychological advice.

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